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A pendulum swings in our society. When a pendulum reaches it's furthest point of equilibrium, one of two things happens. Either the pendulum pauses, reverses direction and swings back - or in the case of a poorly built structure, the pendulum pulls ... <more>

weBlog: Latest Data
SendFile has Arrived

The fauSendFile program (also known as simply "SendFile") is here! Version is tested and delivered up to the downloads area for that app! Full instructions for installing and using the app are also on this site. For anyone not yet aware ... <more>

Feature: Top 3
Work in progress

When complete it will be a guide to technology options available for bringing your data home. We've put this section up early to provide and idea for how this feature will work and give you an opportunity for questions and feedback. Clicking this box title will take you to the description for this feature.
Articles: I-Way

These "articles" are chapters from the book in progress explaining the hazards of the current evolution toward unregulated centralization and how we can still effectively change course.


Seven steps to using the Internet in privacy as a respected Netizen.
  1. Perspective
  2. Search
  3. Email
  4. Social Security
  5. Have Presence
  6. Take Control
  7. Break The Ties


Steve: Fautore is now released and available to our registered Alpha participants!
Steve: Fautore 5.3.0 is now released and includes dynamically updated stats reporting!
Steve: Fautore FILES.pm patch is up on the site. Thanks for the inputs. Keep it coming. We'll make Fautore a reality together.